Cyclist Training: Ride 10-30% Faster. No Kidding.

uphillsilhouettes 300x211 Cyclist Training: Ride 10 30% Faster. No Kidding.If you’re a casual cyclist, speed may not be all that important to you. But if you’re a competitive rider, then it’s everything. But if you’re relying just on the guys in your riding group, chances are you’ll never go much faster than they do. And you may be ok with that.

But if you’re interested in upping your game several MAJOR notches, then you need advice from the pros. And we can finally provide that for you. Continue reading

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Cycling – Holiday with Kids

Guest Post by Jennifer Martin
children1 300x225 Cycling   Holiday with Kids I have been a cycling aficionado for more than four decades now. I have always planned my holidays around this love for cycling. I have always gone places that are good spots to explore riding a bicycle. Ever since my children were born, I have striven to include them in this cycling obsession of mine. They were pedalling tricycles before they could walk. Both of them had already shed their training wheels by the age of four, which meant that they could then fully take part in a cycling adventure holiday. Continue reading

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Future Tech: Shift Gears with Your Mind?

Prius Project helmet Future Tech: Shift Gears with Your Mind?  At some point in your cycling career, the process of shifting gears becomes completely automatic. You see the hill ahead, feel the tug on the pedals, and you shift. A no brainer, right?

In the near future, it won’t be a no brainer any longer. Instead, it’ll be an All Brainer.

Bikemaker Parlee has teamed up with Toyota Prius to develop a futuristic new technology that will enable a cyclist to shift gears merely by thinking the command to shift up or shift down. We’re not kidding–you have to see this thing… Continue reading

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How To Choose a Great Cycling Shoe

mountainbiking shoe 150x150 How To Choose a Great Cycling Shoe

Sure, you can ride your bike in your tennies if you want to, but to really enjoy cycling, it will pay you handsomely to look into a shoe designed specifically for cycling. There are a few things you should understand about cycling shoes before you rush out and buy a pair, however.

Cycling Shoes make you more efficient.
Bike shoes and clipless pedals are just some of the foot-related accessories that will help make your ride more efficient and increase your riding pleasure. Unlike tennies, cycling shoes feature a stiffer sole to provide more energy transfer as you pedal. In addition, the firm sole protects and supports Continue reading

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Cold Weather Cycling Clothing Check List

 Cold Weather Cycling—Clothing Check List
Are you ready for the wintry weather yet? If you’ve got your cold weather cycling clothing lined up, you have no excuse to reduce your training or mileage simply because it’s a bit nippy outside.

So we decided to help you ready your gear and clothing preparations with our Ten Top Cold Weather Cycling Gotta-Haves. These, plus other tips you may picked up regarding cold weather riding, will keep you from Continue reading

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Bike Safety — News

cautionbikes Bike Safety    NewsYou can argue whether Arizona is becoming a safer place to ride, but if new recommendations from the Arizona Department of Transportation get put into place, you’ll have to admit that something positive is finally getting done for bike safety.

The report shares some interesting discoveries, including that half of all crashes occur when bikes travel counter to the traffic, and that fewer than a quarter occur after dusk. At the same time, the state suggests that state and local governments can do more to protect riders. Continue reading

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Cycling Shorts: How To Love the Short You Buy

cycling shorts1 150x150 Cycling Shorts: How To Love the Short You Buy
It was downright scary the first time I considered wearing cycling shorts. I looked at all the guys I’d be riding with—rail thin, muscular, hard — and my flabby bod did not rank well in comparison.

At first I settled just for running shorts, loose but stylish, or so my inexperience told me. That plus a longer shirt kept me from getting immediately ostracized from my group. But eventually, a few pounds lighter, I got past my reluctance and went shopping Continue reading

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Cycling Helmets Done Right

GiroHelmet 150x122 Cycling Helmets Done Right Cycling helmets are one of those accessories about which every bike enthusiast seems to have a strong opinion. In fact, I hesitate to write about this–I know I’ll hear back from tons of you with even stronger opinions than my own. But this is a dialogue, right? I talk and you get to talk back. Feel free to comment below–I’m opinionated but still teachable.

In the minds of some riders, helmets are extra weight they’d prefer to leave at home. Truthfully, these riders are a small and dying breed. Sorry to be blunt… Continue reading

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